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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Windows West

Contact us at 800.385.9195 or email us at if don't see your question below. We look forward to helping you!


How do I get my blinds repaired?

If you're in need of a repair give us a call or send us an email. You can send back your blinds to us and we will repair it. Windows West will repair or replace free of charge product if they have been proven to be defective, product is returned at customer's expense to Windows West within the warranty period. Click here for our warranty information. If your in the Salt Lake area our Will Call at our corporate offices can check in your repair items. All repairs must be pre-paid. 

Do you give out free sample binders or sample decks?

Windows West gives out free Bali Aluminum Cards, Cornice Collection Decks, Somfy Motorization Brochures, Westwood Decks, and Westbrook Decks. All samples that are shipped will be charged full shipping costs to your account. See here for our Sample Policy & Pricing.

If your looking to get a new sample send an order by fax or email. Our fax # is 801.972.8001 and the best email to reach us at is Sample binders come with a $80.00 purchase coupon and they include: cut samples, specs, instructions, brochures, and price grids. You must be a dealer or a qualified new dealer to purchase a sample binder.

What is your Error/Return Policy?

If you have made an error on your order, call us immediately. We will endeavor to do everything within our power to correct the error and minimize any additional cost to you. Custom made products which have been ordered incorrectly cannot be returned for credit. Any goods returned to Windows West must have prior authorization and a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Stock items will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Any products with errors (Windows West Fault), must be returned within 30 days, or no credit will be issued.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders received by Windows West are non cancelable except by written notice such as an email or fax by client and written acknowledgement by Windows West. A 10% handling charge will be applied to all canceled orders. Orders which have already been started and put into production will be charged full price.

What is your phone order policy?

We will gladly accept phone orders provided that dealers and customers assume all responsibility for orders placed in this manner. To ensure accuracy and increase proficiency, we highly recommend and strongly urge you to email your orders to or fax them to 801.972.8001.

What are your general terms and conditions?

Click here for our general terms and conditions. 

Do you sell your window treatments to the general public?

Windows West is a wholesale fabricator of window treatments. We sell our window treatments to interior designers, window treatment specialists, construction companies, flooring companies, architectural firms, and other specialty companies specializing in home and building construction.

If you have a large contract project that you would like us to check out email us at or give us a call. In most cases we will set you up with one of certified dealers to come out to your home. 

Aluminum Blinds

What is the difference between a s3000, CustoMiser, and Bali Classics aluminum blind?

s3000 has the following features:

1 x 1-1/2″ integrated headrail with light-blocking lip

AFT anti-static paint finish

Low HAP, low VOC paint process

Snap-in hidden brackets

Disengaging clutch

Crash-proof cord lock

Enclosed bottomrail

.006" or .008" slat option

Privacy slat option

Perforated slat option

Box bracket option

Limited lifetime warranty

CustoMiser has the following features: 

1 x 1″ slim profile, steel headrail

AFT anti-static paint finish
Low HAP, low VOC paint process
Disengaging clutch
Crash-proof cord lock
.006" or .008" slat option
Perforated slat option
Limited lifetime warranty

Classics has the following features:

1 x 1-1/2″ steel headrail

AFT anti-static paint finish
Low HAP, low VOC paint process
Disengaging clutch
Crash-proof cord lock
Enclosed bottomrail
.006" or .008" slat option
Perforated slat option
Specialty shapes
Limited lifetime warranty

Do you have LEED information on your Bali Aluminum Blinds?

See here for LEED information. 

Do you have safety information on your Bali Aluminum Blinds?

When selecting window coverings for a commercial environment, the specifier should consider all the users of that space. If young children will be present at any time, the safer products are cordless or motorized window coverings. Examples of environments where child safety is a concern include hospitality, health care, child care, multi-family housing, lobbies and community spaces.

Windows West urges you to check all window areas for potential window cord hazards and make the necessary safety updates.

  • Choose cordless or motorized window coverings whenever cord safety is an important consideration.
  • Replace window blinds, corded shades and draperies manufactured before 2001 with today’s safer products.
  • Do not place furniture near window coverings with accessible operating cords.
  • Keep all window pull cords and inner lift cords out of reach. Make sure that tasseled pull cords are short and continuous-loop cords are permanently anchored to the floor or wall. Make sure cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit movement of inner lift cords.
  • Lock cords into position whenever horizontal blinds or shades are lowered, including when they come to rest on a window sill.
  • What are the Green properties of Aluminum Blinds?

    Green Properties of Bali Aluminum Blinds
    •Aluminum blinds prevent solar heat gain in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter by creating an insulating buffer between the interior and exterior. This insulating effect reduces energy consumption and lowers energy costs.
    •By blocking UV rays, aluminum blinds prevent damage to furniture, fabrics and interior finishes protecting the durability of these items and reducing the need to send damaged products to a landfill prematurely.
    •Bali aluminum blinds carry a limited lifetime warranty and are designed, engineered and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste created by short-lived products. 


    Eco-Friendly Raw Materials
    •Aluminum slats are 100% recyclable. The steel headrail and plastic components are 100% recyclable as well.
    •All packaging materials are 100% recyclable. The corrugated cardboard contains 35-40% recycled content. The angle board used to reinforce the cardboard is 100% recyclable and contains 80% post-consumer recycled material and 20% pre-consumer recycled material. Polytubes, EPS pads, and bubble wrap used in packaging are also 100% recyclable.
    •Custom box cutting machines are used to cut each box to the exact size of the blind. This process eliminates wasted cardboard, packing materials and shipping energy.


    Will motorizing my window coverings be noisy?

    Windows West now offers noise reduction technology with the Sonesse™ motor range.  Sonesse provides ultra-quiet operation for a variety of window coverings and is available with built-in Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS).  RTS means shades can be operated from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of sight. Similar to how a garage door opener operates, radio signals travel through walls and make it possible to control multiple coverings throughout the home alone or as a group.

    What if I need to adjust a hard to reach motorized window treatment?

    Hard to reach window coverings are easy to adjust and control. The Telis Pure Remote is the perfect answer with a fresh clean look that will match any interior. No more getting in the bathtub or climbing on a ladder to adjust your window treatments manually.

    How will I manage glare when having motorized window treatments?

    You will be able to manage glare at the convenience of your favorite chair or couch with a simple touch of a button. The Telis Lounger remote is available when glare is annoying you most. With a touch of a button, your shades will open or close based on the changing sunlight.

    How will the Telis Composio Lounge RTS Remote work in my home?

    This remote is extremely sophisticated with 20 channels and an on screen display for easy navigation. You can group a number of window treatments into one zone and with a touch of a button all shades will either open or close. Pretty remarkable making your experience and life just a little bit easier and comfortable.

    Why will motorized window coverings help protect my furniture?

    The sun’s UV rays will cause damaging effects to your furniture, floors, and wall coverings. The Impresario Chronis is a timer that allows users to program specific times of the days to automatically adjust window coverings in different areas of the house

    What type of control options do you have for motorized window coverings?

    We have an array of control options for you to choose from.
    • Telis Lounge Single Channel
    • Telis Lounge Five Channel
    • Telis Silver Single Channel
    • Telis Silver Five Channel
    • Telis Pure Single Channel
    • Telis Pure Give Channel
    • Telis Patio Single Channel
    • Telis Patio Five Channel
    • Telis Modulis Silver Five Channel
    • Telis Modulis Lounge Five Channel
    • Telis Composio Silver
    • Telis Composio Lounge
    • Telis Impresario Chronis Silver
    • Telis Impresario Chronis Lounge
    • Chronis RTS
    • Chronis Light
    • Chronis Comfort
    • Decora Single Channel Wall Switch (Ivory)
    • Decora Five Channel Wall Switch (Ivory)
    • Decora Single Channel Wall Switch (White)
    • Decora Five Channel Wall Switch (White)


    Check out our Designer Motorization brochure here.

    What type of power options do you offer?

    If your looking to conceal power cords Battery Powered systems from Windows West will be your best bet. Somfy’s patented battery technology powers a variety of window coverings that installs in minutes. All RTS motors are compatible with a wide selection of controls: wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, and automated timers. This type of motorization will need replacement batteries down the line depending on how much they are used on a daily basis.

    If you’re looking for a maintenance free application where you won’t need replacement battery wands choose a plug-in. Directly plugging into household outlets or having your house constructed with outlets near all your windows will unsure uninterrupted use of your motorized window treatments. The thin power cord can be hidden behind draperies, side panels, and top window treatments in most cases.

    Do you offer commercial offices motorized window treatments?

    Yes, we outfitted hundreds of office buildings with the most cutting edge motorization technology in the industry. See here for our Commercial Applications.

    Do you offer motorized window treatments for the hospitality sector?

    Yes, not only do we offer hospitality-motorized coverings we actually know what we’re doing. Action speaks volumes over words. See here for information on Hospitality Applications.

    The school I work out is looking for information on solutions for inside our study hall. What does Windows offer for Educational Institutions?

    We’re glad you asked! Your university, middle school, elementary, pre-school will never be the same. See here for more information on our Education Applications.

    Why would you put motorized window treatments in a hospital? Isn’t it just a waste of money and return on investment?

    Hospitals, clinics, care homes, and retirement homes all have 3 requirements in common.

    1. Thermal and Visual Comfort to foster well being and healthy conditions for patients, while providing the best possible working conditions for medical staff.
    2. Buildings with high-energy performance reduce the need for air conditioning and heating, which means lower consumption in terms of energy and natural resources.
    3. A rapid return on investment as a result of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

    See here for more information on why motorized window treatments in hospitals are becoming the norm.

    How do I set the up and down limits?

    Up Limit – Bring the window covering to desired limit stop point with the UP button. Press both the MY and DOWN buttons until the application starts to move, then release. If the window covering stops when the buttons are released, take it back to the upper limit to repeat. Stop the motor when reaching the desired lower limit. You can adjust by pressing the UP or DOWN button after stopping the motor.

    Down Limit – Press both the MY and UP button at the same time until the application starts to move, then release. The window covering will stop at the upper limit that was previously set.

    How do I confirm UP & DOWN limits and complete programming?

    Press and hold the MY button until the window covering jogs to confirm the limit setting. A jog is a brief UP and DOWN motion.

    How do I set my favorite position (MY BUTTON)?

    Press the UP or DOWN button to operate the window covering. At the desired intermediate (preferred) position press the MY button briefly to stop the window covering. Once the desired intermediate position is reached, press and hold the MY button until the window covering jogs. The intermediate position is now added to memory. Send the window covering to the intermediate position by pressing the MY button from any window covering position.

    How do I add a new remote to my existing automated Windows West application?

    1. Using a paperclip or pen, press and hold the PROGRAM BUTTON on the previously addressed transmitter until the blind jogs.
    2. Using a paperclip or pen, press and hold the PROGRAM BUTTON on the additional (new) transmitter until the blind jogs. Additional (new) transmitter is now added to blind memory and can be used to operate your blind.

    How do I troubleshoot an RTS motor?

    You first need to review and see what exactly is going on with the RTS motor.

    1.) Verify the motor is powered

    2.) Verify the motor is installed correctly inside the tube 3.) Verify the light on the transmitter operates properly.

    After completing the first review and everything checks out go to the second step: Does the motor respond to the transmitter?

    If no, please check out our quick programming guide here. If yes, in what manner is the automated application responding?

    Do you have to press and hold the directional button to make the application make?

    If yes, you are in a programming mode. Please refer to our resetting section here and refer to our programming section here.

    Or do you only have to momentarily press the directional button to make the application move?

    If yes, you are in a User Mode and should be operating properly. If your motor is still not working, please refer to our quick programming section here then to our resetting section here.

    What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio control system?

    In a wired control system, the control is connected to the electric motor by wires which transmit your commands to the motor. It's a tried and tested home automation technology. In this case, the control unit is installed near the motor (beside the window, for instance, for a motorized roller shade). With a radio control system, the commands are transmitted by radio waves. This is sometimes called '"wireless technology", as there is no electric wiring between the motor and the control. It is similar to how a garage door opener operates. The radio signal travels through walls to operate the motorized window coverings. The control is mobile, and you can control your roller shade within a radius of up to 65 ft. Installation is quicker too and saves your walls from being damaged. It's a neat, simple home automation solution.

    Is an RTS installation more expensive than a traditional wired installation?

    No. Wiring costs are eliminated and more importantly you're the interior architect and your design styles are completely unaffected. That's the great advantage of an RTS home automation solution.

    Would I have to motorize all my window coverings at the same time with RTS?

    No. You can motorize your roller shades now and your blinds, later. Everything can be motorized very easily, and as your needs change: you can upgrade your installation, or add an application or a new function. RTS is a very adaptable home automation solution.

    Can I operate all my motorized window coverings with a single remote control?

    Certainly, RTS technology is compatible with all Somfy applications and allows for individual or group operation of window coverings. So with a single remote control, you can operate all the motorized window coverings on your property, from your rolling shutters to your interior shades and blinds.

    How do I replace the batteries? What kind of batteries do I need?

    Disconnect the reloadable battery wand from the motor, remove the cap and change out the old batteries with new ones. Be sure you use ONLY AA Lithium batteries and do not combine old batteries with new. When inserting the new batteries, be sure you observe the polarity as shown on the outside of the battery wand.

    How long do batteries last?

    Battery Life isn't guaranteed as it will vary depending upon how large your window covering is and how often you use it.

    How can I identify a motor?

    Click here for more information on identifying a motor.

    Care & Maintenance

    How do I clean and care for my Aluminum Blinds?

    Clean your aluminum blinds with mild soap and water only. Do not use cleaning methods involving heat, bleach, abrasives, or solvents. Do not use window cloths with paper content. Use of these methods will void the warranty.

    How do I clean my Cellular Shades?

    Regular dusting with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner brush is recommended. Most stains can be blotted with a damp sponge and mild detergent. For problems with stains, the shade can be removed from the installation brackets and soaked in warm water. When damp, raise shade tightly to recrisp pleats. Before using anything stronger than mild detergent and lukewarm water, test an unobtrusive corner of the shade.

    How do I clean and care for my Roller Shades?

    The shadecloth is washable and it recommended that the shadecloth be cleaned annually. To maintain the shadecloth properly, use a static eliminating chemical on a dry mop to occasionally wipe down the fabric and free it from dust. If the shadecloth should become spotted for any reason, such as from grease, etc;, simply use a mild soap to "spot" clean. 


    MechoShade Brackets & Shade Maintenance


    Shade brackets require no maintenance other than the rare repair of a broken chain. If the chain breaks, it can be repaired by spicing with a chain connector or invisibly spliced by utilizing a pair of bead-chain splice pliers. If new chain is required, the length you require is twice the height of the unit less 2 inches. The chain is inserted into the bottom channel of the drive end bracket and led around the sprocket. To guide the chain into the offset-position slot, insert a thin plug into the chain slot to be bypassed. To attach one end of the chain to the other use a clasp. The new bead stops should be placed in the same positions on the new chain.

    How do I care and clean for my Woven Wood Shades?

    Occasional dusting or vacuuming with a brush attachment is all that is necessary to keep your woven wood shades looking new.

    How do I care or clean for my Vertical Blinds?

    Regular dusting with a soft duster or vacuum cleaner brush is recommended. Most stains can be blotted with a damp sponge and mild detergent.

    How do I clean and care for my Vienna Shades?

    The soft delicate feel of the fabric belies the durability of the vienna material. It is made from a sturdy, knitted polyester fabric which can be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low setting. Spots or stains can be lightly rubbed clean with a damp sponge and a mild soap. To avoid discoloration of the material, we recommend against the use of chemical cleaners. The sheer fabric may also be ultrasonically cleaned. Note: Do not clean the Vienna fabric with electrostatic wipes.

    Replacement Parts

    I need replacement parts for your window treatments how do I get them?

    Windows West will supply parts on a per piece basis and have them on hand for repairs and warranty items only. We are not in the business of selling parts or stocking parts but we're in the business of manufacturing the best blinds in the industry, Windows West reserves the right to not sell any parts to clients. As a dealer if you order a few parts please note there is a $10.00 minimum invoice charge and all shipping and handling will be charged depending on shipping location.


    You can order the most common parts online by clicking here.


    Email us at or if  you're looking for a specific part. 

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