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USA Made Products

Did you know that 98% of our products are made and crafted in the U.S.  We don't want to mislead you like some organizations in telling you that all products are Made in the USA because that's not the truth. We have some great relationships with globalized companies that manufacture great products and we're lucky that we can provide them to you. We are actively helping keep jobs in America and supporting our local community of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas by manufacturing almost all of our product line in the United States. 


Large window treatment organizations that outsource their manufacturing to countries such as China and Mexico are making those economies stronger while making America's suffer by keeping eager Americans out of work. America became strong and the worlds power because many quality products were made in the USA that provided jobs, and a booming infrastructure followed. Getting jobs back in America starts with small businesses such as Windows West. Small business is the cornerstone of our economy and makes this country run. Support Windows West, it's dealers, and other small businesses in your community!

Westwood Collection - Made In USA

Westbrook Collection - Made In USA

Bali Aluminum Blinds - Made In Mexico

Vertical West Collection - Made In Utah

Cellular West Collection - Made In USA

Solar West Roller Shade Collection - Made In Utah

Mecho Shade Roller Shades - Made In USA

Sunquest EX100 Shutters - Made is USA

Draperies - Made is Utah

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